Climbing the Warscheneck in the dead mountains

The Totes Gebirge (dead mountains) are a mountain range between Upper Austria and Styria. This is the largest karst limestone area in Central Europe. The water here does not flow in streams on the surface, but mostly underground through caves in the mountains. This results in relatively sparse vegetation and explains why these mountains are called dead mountains.  They can be divided into three groups: the Schönberg group in the west, the Priel group whose highest mountain - the Große Priel (2515 m / 8251 ft) - also marks the highest point of the Totes Gebirge, and the Warscheneck group in the east. The goal of this tour is the Warscheneck (2388 m / 7834 ft), which can actually be climbed from several sides. The most popular ascent routes start from the Wurzeralm , an alpine pasture that is easily accessible from Spital am Phyrn using the Wurzerbahn funicular . The area is well developed for tourism. In winter, the ski area offers skiing fun in the midst of a fantastic panorama and in

Grabnerstein, the styrian flower mountain

Gamseck summit and two via ferratas

Ibexes around the western summit of the Gamskögel