Ibexes around the western summit of the Gamskögel

At the end of the Triebental, east of the picturesque village of Hohentauern, the imposing peaks of the Gamskögel rise up to 2386 m (7828 ft) into the sky. The peaks are part of the Seckauer Tauern and the main chain of the Alps. Starting from the Bergerhube (1198 m / 3930 ft), the managed hut at the end of the valley, the surrounding mountains can be explored. The Triebental is a side valley of the Paltental to the south and is easily accessible via the federal road which leads over the Triebener Tauern Pass. Coming from the town of Trieben, the road into the Triebental branches off to the left shortly before reaching the top of the pass in Hohentauern and winds its way along a small stream, individual farms and houses to the basin between the Großer Grießstein (2337 m / 7667 ft), the Gamskögel (2386 m / 7828 ft) and the forepeaks of the Geierhaupt (2417 m / 7929 ft). The road ends at a paid parking lot (5 euros for a day ticket from 2023) directly in front of the Bergerhube .  From h

Exposed climb to the Preinerwand via the legendary Haid-Steig

The long ascent to the Großer Buchstein pays off

Enjoyable ridge climbing on the Großer Bösenstein