On top of the Gesäuse

The breakthrough valley of the river Enns between Admont and Hieflau gives its name to a mountain group that can be seen from afar, the Gesäuse. The peaks of the rugged limestone mountains, which reach up to 2369 meters (7772 ft) into the sky, and the roughly 1000 meter (3281 ft) steep northern flank of the Hochtor group have always fascinated people. Today, most of the mountains are part of the national park of the same name. The Hochtor group stretches from the Ödstein in the southwest to the Planspitze in the northeast. The Hochtor (2369 m / 7772 ft) marks the highest point of both this massif and the Gesäuse mountain range. Several historic routes lead to the Hochtor summit. The Hochtor can be climbed from the north via the Peternpfad and the Dachlgrat . On the south side, the Schneelochweg leads all the way to the top and a little further east, the partially secured Josefinensteig (via ferrata, difficulty level: B) is probably the easiest way to the summit. Starting point of the

High up on the Natterriegel, the mountain of snakes

Three summits tour on the edge of the Gesäuse National Park

Ridge walk on Bosruck between Styria and Upper Austria

Over the Nandlgrat on the Schneeberg and down over the Fadensteig