About me

First of all: I'm probably not what you would call a nature boy. In fact, I spent much of my free time in front of the computer. My great passion is software development and luckily I can also pursue this professionally. Nevertheless, the mountains have always fascinated me and I was never averse to longer hikes. Unfortunately, there weren't too many opportunities to do so.

I have been a father for a few years, and from the beginning it was important to my wife to spend time with our children outdoors in nature as regularly and as often as possible.  Since then, hiking together has been on the program, at least on the weekends. The pandemic has certainly made this type of leisure time appear even more attractive. Ultimately, the ambition grabbed me and the resolution to live a little healthier in general made me go on longer and more challenging tours alone or with friends. At this point, I would also like to say a big thank you to my wife, who takes care of the children in the meantime and in this way enables me to have these timeouts. I appreciate hikes in alpine terrain, enjoy the wonderful views and easy climbing. Climbing via ferratas up to difficulty level C is now one of my preferences.

Of course, when moving in alpine terrain you have to pay attention to your own safety but also to that of other hikers. In addition to the right equipment, this also includes appropriate tour planning and special consideration of the weather forecasts. In this context, I can also recommend participating in appropriate courses led by professional mountain guides (for example from the Alpinschule Alpinstil). The South Tyrolean extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander once summed it up perfectly: "A summit is only yours when you are down again"