Via the Währingersteig to the Herrgottschnitzer-Haus

When the Viennese are drawn to nature at the weekend, it is not uncommon for them to go to the “Hohe Wand” (high wall). In fact, this 1332 m (4370 ft) high mountain with its steep, south-sloping rock faces on the edge of the Vienna Basin has a lot to offer: The innumerable hiking routes, via ferratas and huts attract nature-hungry city dwellers as well as mountain lovers from the neighboring countries of Austria.

The Herrgottschnitzer-Haus at 826 m above sea level is one of these countless huts and the destination of a rather short but all the more varied hike up the Hohe Wand.

The starting point for the hike is the parking lot at the sports field in Dreistetten. From there, follow the signs to the Einhornhöhle, first on a road, then on a forest path to a fork in the road that branches off to the left into the forest. There you keep to the right and finally follow the signs to the Währingersteig, a short but nevertheless exposed and not to be underestimated via ferrata. The most difficult part has to be mastered right at the beginning: Steeply and secured with a fixed rope, you climb up the rock using attached climbing aids (level of difficulty: C).

After the steep upswing has been overcome, you cross the rock wall along a cave-like niche before you finally go up vertically about 10 meters on an extremely exposed ladder. Surefootedness and a head for heights are an absolute must.

Once the ladder has been climbed, the most difficult sections of the via ferrata are done and it is time to enjoy the view. 

A few meters after the end of the fuses, follow the path that branches off to the right. This leads to a wide, blue and white marked hiking trail heading towards the DobrilsteigIf you follow the signposts, you will quickly reach the entry to the Dobrilsteig, which is marked with an arrow painted on a large rock. Dobrilsteig (level of difficulty: A) is much easier than the Währingersteig. Even the via ferrata set can remain safely stowed in the backpack.

From the end of the Dobrilsteig it's only a few minute hike to the destination of the tour, the Herrgottschnitzer-Haus. An ideal opportunity to take a break, enjoy the view and possibly stop by the hut.

The descent back to the parking lot in Dreistetten takes place over the rather steep Zischkasteig, which again requires surefootedness. The path leads in the lower part through a beautiful forest before it finally joins a forest road that leads directly back to the parking lot. Back at the starting point of the tour, you have to say: It was worth it.