Tamischbachturm, where the Gesäuse shows its tame side

The 2035 meter (6676 ft) high Tamischbachturm is the second highest mountain in the Buchstein group and is therefore one of the Gesäuse mountains north of the Enns. It is entirely part of the Gesäuse National Park and although its north face drops off steeply, viewed from the south it shows its tame side, which also makes it one of the easiest mountains to climb at over 2000 meters in the Gesäuse. And the long but not difficult ascent is rewarded with a great panoramic view of the striking peaks of the Gesäuse mountains south of the river Enns.

The Tamischbachturm can be climbed from several sides. From Hieflau in the Enns valley, hiking trail 648 leads over the south ridge to the summit. The Tamischbachturm can also be climbed along the ridge from the east via the Buttensteig, with the last ascent having exposed climbing spots on the first level of difficulty (UIAA I). Probably the most popular ascent is via the Ennstalerhütte and the west ridge (hiking trail 648).

And so the Ennstalerhütte (1544 m / 5065 ft) was the first stage of the tour, which started at the parking lot in Gstatterboden. Parking in the entire Gesäuse National Park is now subject to a fee (in May 2023 a day ticket costs 6 euros). A signpost points the way up from the parking lot. At the small mountain church, hiking trail 646 branches off into the beautiful, natural forest. The first crossing of the gravel road is also quickly reached. It continues through the forest, over the Weißenbach creek, crossing the gravel road again, barely noticeable upwards until the hiking trail finally leads to the gravel road, which you now follow for a while. After about 2 km (1.24 mi), hiking trail 646 branches off back into the forest and leads via the Hörantalm still moderately steeply uphill until the path once again joins the already familiar gravel road. This leads up a few meters until the hiking trail turns left again at a small creek into the forest. From now on it gets a little steeper, the hiking trail crosses the gravel road again, becomes noticeably rockier and tightens until you finally reach the Ennstalerhütte after about 3 hours.

From here, hiking trail 648 leads to the summit in around 1.5 hours. First less steep, then again like the last 2 kilometers (1.24 mi) before the Ennstalerhütte. But there aren't any really steep sections. At the end of May it may well be that individual snowfields still have to be overcome, but with the right equipment these should not pose too much of a problem. Of course, caution is still advisable.

About 100 meters of altitude (328 ft) below the summit, the mountain allows for the first deep views to the north and thus shows its somewhat rougher side. The view of the rocky summit structure is also impressive and a first glimpse of the approaching summit cross is promising.

After about 4.5 hours the summit of the Tamischbachtum (2035 m / 6676 ft) is finally reached. The beautiful summit plateau not only offers enough space for a rest, but also an impressive all-round view, especially of the other Gesäuse mountains. The view can sweep from the Lugauer over the Hochtor Group, the Reichenstein Group to the Großer Buchstein. The Kleiner Buchstein and the Tieflimauer, a striking, free-standing boulder, which can be reached via the Teufelsteig (Via Ferrata C) seem close enough to touch.

Instead of descending hiking trail 648 in the direction of Hieflau, later branching off onto hiking trail 642 and hiking back via the Hoch- and Niederscheibenalm in the direction of Gstatterboden, today we go back down the valley on the ascent path. On the way back to the Ennstalerhütte, impressive deep and panoramic views open up once more.

Above all, the other Gesäuse mountains, especially the Hochtor group, dominate the view. After about an hour, the Ennstalerhütte (1544 m / 5065 ft) is reached again. A good opportunity to stop and recharge the batteries.

On the way down into the valley, the big brother of the Tamischbachturm, the Große Buchstein, keeps coming into view. Again and again there are views of the just visited Tamischbachturm.

Around two hours after the start of the descent from the Ennstalhütte, you will pass the small mountain church above Gstatterboden again and a little later you will be back at the starting point of the tour. In summary it can be said: It was not too difficult but a relatively long hike to the summit. All in all a successful hike that not only guarantees a great mountain experience in summer.

Tour Facts (Tracked with Bergfex Tours):

Distance: 17,9 km (~ 11.1 mi)
07:00 h (without breaks)
Ascent altitude: 1464 m (4803 ft)

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